The Cheat


So, in case the anticipation to find out what our cheat is hasn’t paralyzed you with…anticipation, here it is.  (This post will make much more sense if you read this post first).  The key to making yours and every student ministry absolutely rock.

Okay, not so much.  Really, this is something that we think is a pretty good idea in our particular niche of God’s earth, and we think it holds a lot of potential–for us.

We call it “the ave.”

It is a consolidation and unification of WELS student ministry in and around Appleton, WI.

Depending on your perception of Appleton, WI, (if you have one), this might seem like an excellent idea or a terrible one.  We’re hoping for the excellent one.  Appleton is dense with Packers, churches, and opinions.  I grew up in a district of the WELS where the nearest WELS church was a 30 minute drive from my house. Now, there are 13 WELS churches within 10 miles from my church.  And for the most part, the student ministries that happen in these 13 WELS churches aren’t much different from mine.  There’s certainly reason for frustration with this picture.  At the same time, this prospect shows incredible potential.

13 + congregations who aIl want to do more youth ministry better cooperating for a common cause is a powerful engine.  We’ve identified what we want to be, and we’re making it happen.  None of us have a hundred students in our student ministry?  Together we do.  Together we have more.  We don’t have the resources to hire a full-time youth minister our church?  We can pool our resources.

Since the end of Fall 2013, WELS youth pastors have been scheming what it would look like if we did student ministry in Appleton as a collaboration.  It looks like the ave.

On May 7th, we’re going to premier the ave. as a student ministry serving all high school age teens in Appleton, WI.  It doesn’t matter what church you go to.  It doesn’t matter if you go to church.  The ave. is a place for any high school aged student to come and ask questions, meet friends, hang out, have fun, and most importantly, have their worldview challenged by a perspective that suggests there is more to life than our immediate context.

In short, the ave. will begin as a bi-monthly gathering at the Copper Rock on College Ave.  On the first Wednesday of the month, we come together for Unplugged.  We’ll spend time in prayer, praise, and the Word as a speaker brings it to us.  On the third Wednesday, we return to Copper Rock for Plug In where we dig in deeper with friends to what our speaker brought us earlier in the month.  Grab some coffee, grab some friends, grab your bible, and join us.

A team of 7 WELS youth pastors steer the ave. with the mission of engaging teens with God’s Word in a way that results in a life led by faith.

The ave. is not tied to any one church.  In fact, we hope that it will encourage students to get more active in their own churches.  The ave. is supported entirely by donations from congregations who find value in the ave. and by individuals who are passionate about the cause for which the ave. exists.

We’re excited about kicking the ave. off in a couple of months.  We hope that you’ll join us by being a part of the ave, coming on board with the ave. team, or supporting us in your prayers as we cheat our way through student ministry.  Follow us on twitter or Facebook for news as the premier draws closer.


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